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RP Williams - Jones Ltd // Cobbles & Setts

Cobbles & Setts

We stock a huge range of Cobbles and Setts for paving and driveways in a variety of stones, sizes, colours and finishes. Great for enhancing any exterior design or landscape project.

  • New and Reclaimed Cobbles & Setts Reclaimed
  • Available in Granite, Sandstone and Limestone
  • A range of Cobble sizes and colours

Our Granite Cobbles are the Natural choice for most landscapers as this material is extremely hardwearing, chock full of character in many applications from commercial to private use. It can also be incorporated with new or old materials to add texture, whilst being able to stand out or blend in to it's surrounding environment.

For more information on Paving Cobbles and Sett products available through RP Williams Stone Merchants please call us on 01656 862 214.

Granite Setts

Our reclaimed granite setts are a wonderful way of creating great looking driveways, pathways, patios or other landscaping features. They are extremely versatile in their uses and granite setts will lend themselves to an array of applications whilst withstanding a high degree of traffic from both pedestrian and vehicles.

Granite setts have become a very fashionable alternative to block paving of late, as Granite will withstand more wear and tear than equivalent concrete products, which can never offer the same natural colouring found in granite. It's uses are almost endless.

  • Extremely durable in high traffic areas
  • Beautiful old character
  • Natural colouring and look
  • Weathered and worn
  • Very versatile in application
  • Cost effective way of paving


Come and visit us at Bridgend where we have a large display area where you can see our products helping you decide on which cropped stone is best for you. Our experienced staff are on hand to offer advice on your project and the best stone for the job. We make the process as simple as possible.

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Cobbles & Paving Setts Range

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For more information on products available through RP Williams Stone Merchants please call us on 01656 862 214 or to Visit Us.